Monday, August 11, 2008

Life • Girl's Night Out

081108: Episode#006
My Mood Today: Pissed
Listening To: Cicadas o.O
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It was a couple of days ago when me, Cristina, and Mhaya went out for a night in Paseo one chilly Friday evening. We originally planned to go see a movie at Alabang, unfortunately, Mhaya was not allowed to travel far by her parents so we opted to go to Sta. Rosa instead.

We had dinner at Kid Kanin. We had Chicken lollipos, cake, and iced tea. It wasn't bad for 300 pesos. While we were deciding what to do next, Cristina suddenly wanted to get a haircut so we wondered where we could get one. It was then we noticed that there was a salon upstairs that we could all go to.

We entered Justine Barbara Salon and while we sat and wait, we watched all the people in there. Honestly, we all look better than all of them. Haha. While Cristina was getting her haircut, Me and Mhaya had our nails done to pass the time. It was all very wonderful. Too bad there were no good looking guys there.

After that, we had a few drinks at Ten and Diner and we sipped on our Margaritas while we watched the live band. We all went home, tired yet happy and we all can't wait to go out again.

Written by Beth. \m/ (^_^) \m/

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Life • Grace

070508: Episode#005
My Mood Today: Pissed off
Listening To: Good Charlotte (Dance Floor Anthem)
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Two days ago, my bestfriend (Grace) suddenly called me at 9:30 in the evening telling me to go at BK calamba cuz she walked out of her house (and mom) yet again. When I found her (ordering fries at the counter - her dinner o_0;) she's a bit too happy. She wanted to look for a bar (at calamba!?) and wanted to dance. I told her to get drunk at the gasoline station opposite of BK, but she didn't want to drink, she just wants to dance. -___-; The hell?

Anyway, I texted edwin since I don't know any bars here (bars at calamba!?) and he got to BK after 30 mins or so. We're lucky that edwin does have something to do at Los Banos at the moment, so we really didn't cause that much trouble for him. We strolled at the UPLB's grounds while edwin did his things, then went to Isis Bar for a couple of SMLight's. Kinda got the gist of what grace's problem is...

At about 1:30 in the morning, Edwin needed to go since he's got morning classes, so I told him that we're going to Padi's Point at real (I hate that place, but its the only place open). Drank a couple of SML's more when I got there. Grace got what she wanted, danced a bit then sang with the live band. The dancers of the place looked like Letran Dance Company because of their costume, but what the hell. I was far from tipsy, just fucking sleepy, but I really enjoyed watching grace having fun.

3:30am, grace got tired, so we got out of Padi's and went to crossing. The trike driver told us that there's probably no open karaoke bars at the time, so we got on a jeep. She decided that we're going to Complex (at sta. rosa), which is a long way from her house (she lives here at calamba.) On the way, I got nuked...

  • Grace wants to stop studying
  • She also wants to spend her tuition money for herself (enjoying her life at the bars)
  • Her mom's sick, and she's abandoning her. Her mom no longer trusts her, btw.
  • She's planning to go to Canada through her boyfriend. She told me she'll marry him so that they can get visas.
  • Grace really hates injections. That's why she didn't finish nursing, and that's why she's quitting her current course (WTF?!)
We got to Complex, she brought a few things (a bag and an umbrella) after stopping at the ATM. We spent a couple of hours at jolibee, eating breakfast with me still trying hard to convince her to continue her studies. I told her that I don't care if she's indebted to his boyfriend because of tuition fee expenses, I don't care about her mom and I don't give a damn about his boyfriend - but I really REALLY want her to finish college. I want her to earn her own money, to stop depending on others...

I tried my best. I really did. She went to the house of her classmate afterwards, and I attended the friday morning mass at Sta. Rosa, looking for guidance and wishing the best for grace. I really hope she'll come to her senses, and make right decisions... *sigh* damn it, I'm really really worried for her right now.. -____-

So. I guess that's that.. I'll be back to normal after a while.. My friends are coming over tonight for a couple of drinks... so ciao I guess, and If you have time, pray for my bestfriend. I'd really appreciate it. thanks.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

iRead • Dreams

062508: What I've Read #001

My Mood Today: Inspired
Listening To: YUKI (Dramatic, Piano Solo)
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A Dream, an essay by redkinoko. Written for Mau, at the request of writing an essay about changes made by information technology. Some choice lines:

"In this world, you do not see things. Rather, you are allowed to see things."

"This is the world of effects. You see the consequences of people but never the cause."

"This is the world of will. People are no longer inhibited by coexistences hence they do as they please."

"In this world, loneliness is a constant in the atmosphere, from man's first breath in living in this world, until the last one he draws shortly before his death."

"I had a dream last night, and in that dream this world is real."

Wow. That's one hell of an essay - I really love it. Its very inspiring, offering a whole new point of view at our world. A very thought provoking piece of literature - 5 stars out of five.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life • Late Yet Again

061708: Episode#004
My Mood Today: Disappointed
Listening To: Say Anything (Baby Girl, I'm A Blur)
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19 days late. Tsk. A lot things are going off uncontrollably.. The Impulse Council just finished an overnight "slumber party" at JM's place, The Napster guild giving us a Pact of Non Aggression, then an all out alliance. After the first siege, everything went haywire when a number of players quit the Guild after discovering the terms of the alliance, including Planeswalker Mars. o_0; It's a hectic week for the guild... Also, I'm revamping (Yet Again) Faint*Smile's final stats. I'm currently trying out feelRO as a character simulator.

So, yes, my life right now is composed of Ragnarok Online, eating, drinking and sleeping. Anyway, I'm gonna try and wrap up the Dungeons & Dragons instance this week. I'll put the chronicle later, but here's the gist of it: I love 4th Ed. ^^ It's quicker and more fun, although that might be the 'more expirienced DMing' I'm doing. Anyway, Very few things outside of RO have changed around here..

I'm still looking for a job, still watching House (I'm at Season 3, Episode 18 right now) and I'm still loveless. Damn it.. I need an income.. Anyone here know of any openings? -__-

Hmm. Newsflash - Carla & Seph, two of our planeswalkers, was banned at the Impulse Forums. Also, Monty and Jes (our planeswalkers at the Punk Division) created their own guild and allied themselves with the Panorama Signum Guild. It seems that the Impulse guild are getting thinner by the second -_- I'm out of things to say. It stormed yesterday, and I woke up to find my floor with a centimeter of cold water. Tsk. I'll see you next monday, preferably sooner... I'm kinda distracted and bored at the same time right now, so ciao I guess..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life • Root Canal

060508: Episode#003
My Mood Today: Sh*tty
Listening To: Gym Class Heroes (Cupids Chokehold)
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I know. I'm late. I have a lot of problems - being unemployed is the long term, my f*cking mouth is the short term. I have 'singaw' in my tongue, and two of my teeth needs a root canal. Damn it my gums hurt every time I chew. And about the unemployed issue - unfortunately, I don't think I can still continue Mr. Elmo's program. It's already two weeks overdue - and I only have an excuse for one week. That means my laziness would account for the other week, which is simply unacceptable.

Ok.. That's it for my problems. In a more positive light, I think I found my inspiration(s). Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl Series, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, House (the TV series) and Michio Kaku's book, The Physics of the Impossible. Gawd, now that I think of it, that's hell of a lot reading I did in what, 5-6 days.. and a lot of watching too.. Anyways, these are good books and are definitely worth their weight in gold.

Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl - A fantasy novel about an evil genius. Elves, Fairies, LEPrecon, Time Stop, and a kid who's intellect rivals Yagami Light of Death Note. It was a really fun read, definitely not Harry Potter, but still. I've gone through the first three books, and I have the fourth waiting. I give it a 3/5 - good for young teens, but too much potential wasted. I mean, he's an evil genius - and no dragons, no deaths, no triwizard tournament? It's too 'soft' for a young adult, while Harry "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" Potter hits the spot.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition - Yes, back on business, even if only for a short while. I'm going to have a number of Pen and Paper posts here in the blog (Maybe tommorow..Hopefully) which would detail my views on the new edition. Some people are saying that 3.5 is better - that 4th ed is dumbed down version of the game. I think 4th edition is a step in the right direction, with choices clearer, classes more balanced and a bit more fast paced than the older editions. Which is good, since I have a HUGE amount of players.

House - The TV series is really good, an annoying yet brilliant doctor along with his three/four sidekicks (depending on the season you're watching). Unfortunately, I watched Season 4 first (entirely) before I got a DVD copy of the first and second seasons. Fortunately, the continuity of the series is a bit loose, so all is well. It's like CSI, but with living bodies. I like Cameron and "Thirteen" ^^;

Michio Kaku's book, The Physics of the Impossible - It's a really interesting book about the impossible being possible. The whole book revolves around this insane (but correct) idea that unless something is proven impossible, its actually possible. No law of physics are forbidding us to read minds, teleport, become invisible or time travel. That means its possible... altough I think Mr. Kaku is being too optimistic - this technology will be available in more than a few centuries, not decades, because Moore's Law is already breaking down - right now. It's been how many months since Quad Core?

Ok peeps. Sorry for the delay. I'm going to post two more blogs, tomorrow and the day after that, I promise. Until then, Ciao for now...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life • Uninspired

051908: Episode#002
My Mood Today: Nervous..
Listening To: Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up In Me
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I am so uninspired. I feel so lazy. I mean, just two weeks ago I really strived to get a job - I constantly scanned the sunday papers for job openings, my home page became, and I even got a client (on my freelancing biz). But right now, I no longer care. I'd rather sleep.. I mean, I slept last night without eating dinner, even though I told myself that I'll finish sir Elmo's program that night. Instead, I just slept through the night. Damn it, what the freaking hell is happening to me... This ain't normal, man. Not caring about a job? Not finishing my contracts on time? tsk, this ain't me..

Well, my last week was fairly boring. The x5 exp mod and the mercenary system of Ragnarok Online kept me playing the game for hours on end. Patrick (My brother) also wanted me to boost him at Rachel Sanc, and I helped him as much as possible.

What else.. hmm.. oh. On a totally unrelated note, did you know who's my celebrity crushes? ^^ No, they're not filipinos - a barely know anyone in the local showbiz.. Anyways, they're Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore, from Gilmore Girls) and Holly Valance (Nika Volek , from Prison Break). Here's some pics:

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore)

Holly Valence (Nika Volek)

Additional Trivia: What I look for in a girl. First, they have to be talkative (just like rory) and they need to have a cute voice (just like nika). Also, they don't need to be very intelligent, but being able to do mental chess with me is a big plus. I like long hair, but I prefer curly hair. I guess that's all - I know, I'm not very picky when it comes to woman.. but how come I only got a girlfriend once.. and that's when I'm still at secondary school at that..

*sigh* I feel lazy.. Ciao.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Masq • Faint*Smile

052108: My Life in Games #001

My Mood Today: Kinda... In Love? I wonder why...
Listening To: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours [Radio Edit]
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ^^

My first Masq post, the Première Episode of my life in games. (Online, in Cards, Pen and Paper, you name it, as long its gaming related and I'm playing it) Right now, since I'm kinda addicted to Ragnarok Online, I'll show you my Paladin in Valkyrie Server, one of my three main characters.

This is Faint*Smile, 7x/4x Paladin • Impulse Guild • Ex-Guild Master • Transcendent • Unique • Loyal. A bit of a background story before we delve in to the gory details, kk?

The name was from one of my favorite anime & manga, Claymore. Teresa, of the Faint Smile was the full name, but I refrained from using Teresa since there's a lot of Teresas in the world, including Juner's girlfriend. So Faint*Smile would have to do. Incredibly, this character was NOT supposed to be my main character. It was just a test, whether the server tolerates bots (third party programs) or not, and also if the economy is stable and how the hypermart system works. I am from RF Online, so I am yet unfamiliar with the internal workings of Valkyrie Server yet.

Trivia: My main character was supposed to be a Dancer - a support type, just like my character in RF Online.

Anyways, I enjoyed playing as a Crusader (A Grand Cross/Devotion Type) so I decided to keep Faint*Smile. It took me exactly 5 months and 11 days (or 163 days) before I finally made level 99 and transcended into a Paladin.

Hehe. So, What Now? Here's the technical details of what I'm planning to do with my Paladin. Feel free to comment.

Faint*Smile Full Power

HP 19011 SP 814
Def 30 MDef 10
ASpd 173 (I.Agi+Berserk Pots+Adre Scroll)

Str 130 (Bless+Food)
Agi 21 (I.Agi)
Vit 100 (Food)
Int 26 (Bless)
Dex 95 (Bless+Food)
Luk 4

PvP/WoE Equips:
Double Bloody Double Boned Mace*
Bapho Horns*
Hockey Mask*
+4 Deadly Odin's Blessing (Evil Druid)
+4 Cranial Strong Shield (Thara Frog)
+4 Vali's Manteau
+4 Vidar's Boots
Ring of Mantis*
The Sign*

Click Here.

Offensive Data:
Rapid Smiting Cast Time: 0.36 Sec
Rapid Smiting Vs Echio (Demi-Human Medium, 33+52 Def)
> Minimum Damage: 9,592
> Average Damage: 10,572
> Maximum Damage: 11,532
Martyr's Reckoning (Sacrifice) Vs Echio
> Fixed Damage: 4,888
Martyr's Reckoning Hits/Second: 1.87
> Total Damage: 24,440 (5 Hits in 2.65 Sec)

Defensive Data:
Auto Guard Chance: 50%
Reflect Shield Damage: 40%
Defending Aura Ranged Dmg Reduce: 80%
Devotion Cast Time: 1.1 Sec
Damage Recieved vs Echio (Demi-Human Medium, Atk 750-1800)
> Average (w/o A.Guard): 284 (147~241)
> Average (w/ Flee&A.Guard): 172

*-Means that I haven't brought these yet...
Well? Leave your comments and suggestions regarding my build by clicking the 'comments' link below, or just find me at the Build Discussion forums at So, until then, Ciao!